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Supporting Families & Individuals

Find Your Balance, Confidence & Strength

We are focused on guiding neurodiverse children and families overcome challenges, including PTSD, trauma, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, decision paralysis, and more.


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Client-centred Support

I meet, guide and support my client where they are at; not where I think they should be.

Therapeutic Support

I support parents struggling with the impact of assessments, reporting, and NDIS application.

Parenting Support

I provide psycho-education for early childhood development and parenting challenges.

About Oaktree Coaching

Safe & Inclusive Neuro-affirming Practice in Traralgon

Oaktree Coaching is a neuro-affirming, LGBQTIA welcoming, all inclusive space for anyone who needs it.

Oaktree Coaching is run and managed by Kim Savige, who is a Neurodiverse Family Support Specialist and NLP Practitioner. Kim believe that everyone has capacity to grow; all they need to access their innate abilities is the right support, such as:

Safe & Inclusive Neuro-affirming Practice in Traralgon
My Expertise

Who I Work With

Whilst the main focus of my work at Oaktree is neurodiverse children and families, I can work with a range of people and challenges to fill the gap during waiting periods for other professionals such as pediatricians, OT, speech therapists, and others.


With practical counselling sessions, you set the pace and learn skills that work outside the therapeutic space.


Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for deep growth work.

Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP allows me to ask questions and reframe things to help change a client’s perspective.


I provide coaching and resources to empower people in their decision making ability.


Psycho-education assists people consider different perspectives.

Practical Learning

I provide practical learning skills to help clients feel more in control.

Why Choose Me

Express Your Emotions Without Being Judged

At Oaktree Coaching, my utmost priority is to provide each of my clients with a safe space, where they can be their authentic selves and express emotions without judgement or being told what to do.

Strength-based Approach

Everyone has capacity to grow, sometimes they just need some support to access those innate abilities.

Trauma-informed Approach

High level skill and knowledge related to the impacts of trauma, including school trauma, ADHD and autism.

Express Your Emotions Without Being Judged
Heal & Grow With Me- Your First Appointment is FREE!

I love creating spaces where people feel in control of their own healing and growth. I will work closely with other providers to ensure you are receiving the right support for your unique situation. 

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Cocoon Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 134 Princes St, Traralgon, 3844