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About Me

I have always worked with people, with decades of experience working as a nurse and paramedic, university lecturer, family violence practitioner and disability program developer.

I am a neurodivergent parent of an 11 year old neurodivergent child. I realised that for my child, the mainstream approach to schooling and education was harmful rather than helpful. It stunted his emotional growth and learning because the system was unable to accommodate his beautifully wired brain. He was not able to learn in ways that worked for him. He felt the need to mask and not be authentic to survive, and was often misunderstood and in trouble when he wasn’t able to speak up clearly. Since he received his multiple diagnoses almost two years ago, we have been on a huge learning curve together and I have been exposed to many of the flaws and issues currently faced by families like ours when seeking support.

I received my own late neuro-spicy diagnoses around the same time as my son, and I have been learning quickly how to accommodate myself and recognise my own unique accommodation requirements and behaviours.

About Us

 It has given me a very different perspective of myself and the world. I have learnt the importance of forgiving myself and being kind to myself. Putting myself first and hard-core self-care are crucial. That doesn’t mean massages and spas every other day, or facials and holidays.

For me, it is simple things like my morning coffee, hugging my child and being present for him when I can, starting my own business, telling friends I love them, and when necessary hiding out under my doona for a few days unable to engage with the world so I can reset. I no longer feel guilty for acknowledging and working on my own needs; it makes me a better person, wife, mother. It makes me better, full-stop. I am important and the work I do is important. My wellbeing and my family are priorities for me and I want to ensure they are nurtured and healthy so I can share that energy with clients. 

I have a strong focus on helping ND children, adults and families understand the nuances and challenges that come with being differently wired.

I believe that everyone can do well when they are set up for success, and when they feel safe to be their authentic selves. This includes recognising and managing big feelings, and working with families to develop the skills and confidence to parent in ways that allow everyone to thrive. Parent education sessions are also available.

I also work with new parents, especially dads, who are struggling to adjust to their new roles and change in life season.

I Am A Neurodiverse Family Support Specialist & NLP Practitioner!