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How I Work

There is no one way to achieve all of your goals. Each person who enters the space has unique needs and challenges.

Your first appointment is free; this is an opportunity to discuss goals and challenges, and decide if we are a good team who will be able to work together. I may not be the right person for you and I don’t want you to feel like you wasted time or money to find that out. Your first appointment is an in-depth question and answer session to target key areas that need support and a chance to consider your options and personal situation. It is also a chance for you and I to discover your readiness to commence this important growth work.

How I work

Growth is HARD

True, honest self-reflection and accountability are some of the most challenging activities around.

I spend time with clients working out their values and internal motivators. Any time we experience something that clashes with our values, even at unconscious level, we can become elevated or even dissociated. This impacts our ability to make clear decisions that are good for us. Once we know your values system, we use that as the anchor for the work we do together.

Open communication is key

If we are open and honest about our work as we move through it, things will run smoothly. I won’t check up on you or chase you up to do ‘homework’. If things don’t work out at times that’s ok… We can adapt our expectations and keep things on track.

Practical tools and skills

Whatever works for you is the right option. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for the human condition. If you want journaling, hypnotherapy, play, talk therapy, relaxation, meditation, that’s what you get. If having visuals of breathing activities is your thing, I have heaps of them. If you prefer a sensory approach, great! If simply being heard and having space to process in your own time with support is your ideal option, I will provide that for you . If learning new ways of articulating your feelings or struggles to others is your goal, I have you covered. YOU are in charge of your life, so YOU are in charge of your growth and what you want from me and our time together.

Empowering people to run their own show

I want you to walk out of my office feeling good about yourself and your ability to make decisions. I want you to feel competent, capable and able to articulate your needs. I don’t want you to be dependent on me or need to see me indefinitely. I WANT you to get to a place where you tell me you don’t need me anymore! I love it when people let me know they can do life on their own and feel great about themselves.

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