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My Goals

  • Improve mental health outcomes for children and families.
  • Help people feel safe, valued and heard.
  • Practical, individualised skills that work outside the therapy space.
  • A safe space for people to be their authentic selves and feel in control of their own healing and growth.
  • Alternative options to ‘traditional’ therapy. Play, narrative, sensory work, hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP, talk therapy and more.
  • Interim support and psycho-education for families waiting for other services. 
  • Written accommodation recommendations for schools to support neurodiverse children to feel safe and able to engage in learning.
  • Assistance with NDIS applications and carer impact statements, with counselling and support for parents.
  • Strategies to assist parenting – traditional parenting methods do not work with ND kids and can cause escalation.
  • Empowering people to have a voice and feel confident to speak up.
My goals
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