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What I Offer

Oaktree Coaching is a neuro-affirming, LGBQTIA welcoming, all inclusive space for anyone who needs it. To ensure growth, independence, and self-esteem, I offer the right care and support including:

Client-centred support

I meet you where you are at; not where I think you should be.

Therapeutic support

I meet parents struggling with the impact of assessments, reports, NDIS application.

What I Offer

Ensuring Mental Well-being In Neurodiverse Individuals

I follow a trauma-informed approach with high level skill and knowledge related to the impacts of trauma, including school trauma, and the impact of late / adult diagnosis of ADHD and autism.

Not only this, I follow a collaborative approach where the client sets the pace with a focus on:

  • Practical tools and tips that work outside the therapeutic space.
  • Empowerment and strengths-based models.
  • Compassion and curiosity.
  • Multiple modalities to ensure the right fit for individual needs.
  • Child, adult, and family support.
  • Information, resources and education to empower people in their decision making and goal setting.
  • Psycho-education around challenging issues, particularly related to childhood development and parenting.
  • Assistance with NDIS carer impact statements and preparation for first meeting.
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt in the moment to meet your needs.
  • Regulation and co-regulation skills.
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